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Wet Uranus Water-Based Anal Lubricant - 10.6 Oz. WT46002

Wet Uranus Water-Based Anal Lubricant - 10.6 Oz.

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Wet Uranus are recommended for those who are looking to Boldly Go to the Unexplo red!

Wet Uranus is thicker than Wet Original and Wet Platinum to give a long-lasting lubrication and the little extra cushioning needed for anal play. The anus is n ot self-lubricating so it is essential to use a generous amount of quality lubri cant every time you engage in anal play. Now kosher!

Wet Uranus water-based lubricant is a paraben-free, clear, odorless, non-sticky and latex friendly formula. It's made with only ethically-sourced, kosher-certi fied US Pharmacopeia grade palm glycerin. It is recommended for use with all typ es of toys, including silicone, rubber, glass, plastic, and cyber-materials.

Wet Uranus water-based is also non-staining and rinses away with just water. Lau nder sheets as normal to clean up any spills or spots.

Even though it is completely water-based, Wet Uranus still has the silky feel an d lasting time of a silicone formula. It wipes away with a towel, and dries leav ing your skin soft and moisturized.

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