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Astral MR2 Silicone Mini Humming Bird - Blue

Astral MR2 Silicone Mini Humming Bird - Blue

  • $ 6500

The Mini Humming Bird is an amazing vibrator from top to tail. It all starts with the smooth rotating tip with its bidirectional 4-speed functions that are sure to delight you. Then you have the 6-inch shaft rotating steel beads that caress you in two directions with 4 powerfully hot speeds. The real star of the show is the ultra 7 clit stimulator. It provides unsurpassed clitoral massage. With its three constant speeds one escalating speed and three pulsating modes the variations you can achieve are beyond description. Its fully waterproof with a unique touch control panel that makes it one of a kind.
Product Details:
  • Realistic: No
  • Size/Circumference: 0.000
  • Power/Battery: 3  AAA
  • Multi-Function: Yes
  • Vibrates: Yes
  • Pulsates: Yes
  • Escalates: Yes
  • Rotating: Yes
  • Multi-Speed: Yes
  • Water-proof: Yes
  • Lubricant Type: Water Based Lubrican
  • Purpose Of Item: Vaginal and clitoral stimulation.
  • How To Clean Item: Clean before and after each use with soap and warm water. Remove batteries when not in use.

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