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Oral Presentation

Posted by Ms Vonnie on

Starting out to prove a point that piercing the veil is not always the main focus, sometimes you luck up and get a troublemaker. However this time you ran across a pleaser maker. Come on in, take seat and be prepared to have your womanhood put thru sum sensational sensations. Lay back and relax as you are peeled from each layer of clothing until the sublimeness of your exquiste physique is there for the perverbrial taking. Hands start from the bottom, a gentle foot massage that progressed upward to become a thigh massage. At that point, the luscious thighs were pushed apart with such ease as if all signals just went GREEN. Just before the presentation begun, it was stated that it takes awhile for the reaction to reach full apex. That information, just garnered more urging to show that this was necessary to prove that one can be happy, content and fully satisfied from one aspect that didnt require piercing anything. As the tongue became very familiar with the clit, it was immediately noticed that this action was approved of. So it was continued over and over. Very soon, more pressure was applied, but the speed was still at a constant even pace. Thinking, this taste so good, no need rush, this aint all any sort of race. As the sensations began to deepen and the sighs of passions grew louder, a wonderous discovery was made. As your hands quickly intertwined with mine, you pulled them to your breast, more so placing them on to your nipples and exclaimed to squeeze and pinch them. Not being one to disobey a direct request, it was honored. This sent fire thru the whole presentation, as if a bomb was delivered with the fuse lit. That was it, just as the song goes, bombs began bursting in air. Moans, pants and sighs were certainly on the rise. Body shook and quaked like one them LA quakes. However this was only the prelude to the big event. Each time the return trip was made a new destination was added. On a few instances, the path was found to lead to your ass, circling the rim and now and then pushing the limit by taking you over the brim. Fingers were added to the mix, that provided the substitue penetration fix. Driving you to ledge and seeing that all these activities had you close to that orgasmic edge. Now you said it takes awhile to get that one, well it didnt, and proving that fact wrong was so dam fun. To follow it up with five more explosions, hitting one by one, you said you could handle. Tapping out was never option, well now that was the new mission. So every trick was used, fingers slid inside, working in sync with the tongue, two in and one on that rim, slight pressure but not going all in. Hold on, must not forget the other hand was occupied with the nipple, as it was rolled thru the fingertips and pinched too. That was it, you were through, orgasms upon orgasms you couldnt handle, you shook and shaked, tapped on my head and pleeded for and end. But this is my program, so locking you down, its just who I am. Using your own legs to hold your arms made it easy to continue to access your womanly farm. After your pleading and begging to be done was finally acknowledged, I just up and said yeah, that was one. Never again lump me in, when its said to you I wanna stay out, dont assume every guy wants in. I eat so good they call me PacMan. Leaving you there looking like a satisfied lady, remember one never knows what could happen at one of my oral presentations baby.

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