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An Night of Passion

Posted by Ms Vonnie on

Doorbell rings.... I open the door. She's looking so beautiful. I invite her in and greet her with a hug. *sniffs* (she's wearing that Japanese cherry blossom lotion from bath and body works). I invite u to sit on the couch while I turn on the fireplace. You see the bottle of wine shipped from my friend's vineyard in California sitting on the table with strawberries and cheese..... Montell Jordan's I can do that is playing softly in the background from the bedroom....... Your mind is going out of control wondering if tonight is the night that you give the best of you to me..... You try to fight the urge, but the smell of my Issey Blue Cologne has you in a maze of ecstasy...... I ask you to dance as you accept. I kiss you slowly and passionate while Jagged edge tip of my tongue is playing in the background. I grab you by the hand and lead you to my room... I gently lay you on some Royal blue satin sheets and rub your feet. Asking you about your day...... Rick james and Teena Marie comes on and I start to peel your clothes off..... Taking my time because I know you may be shy about your vagina being seen by me for the first time....... I ask for permission to taste it and you don't protest. Its making you go insane that I asked for permission. You reach your climax and I grab a warm towel and wipe you down.... I then slide a condom on a position you on your stomach..... I place a pillow up under your stomach for the right angle.... Kiss you on your spine then I slide in..... Stroking you and I see u don't want to scream out, so u grab the pillow and bite into it...... I roll over while still inside of you and you grind on me from the reverse cowgirl position. U turn around and choose your own speed to ride me..... I grip your waste line and peek at your sex faces. As you bite your bottom lip, I pull you close to me taste your lips.... The sight of you biting your lip and the panting sounds that I hear with each inch of my stroke hitting your spot, I get excited trying to contain myself. I lay you on your back and place your legs upon my shoulders. I spread your legs apart and begin strong deep penetrating strokes....... I kiss the arch of your feet and I feel you tighten your muscles to make sure I enjoy each stroke. I can't contain it anymore and I release every stressful moment in one ejaculated move. We both lay there and you ask for a glass of water. I get that and a wash towel to wipe you off and we lay there for 35 minutes.... And its round #2.....


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Clenton McDaniel 

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