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Faux Foreskin.. Thoughts?

Posted by Ms Vonnie on

We would love to introduce our "Hood Moreskin Silicone Faux Foreskin", for the men who were snipped and who like to add more skin.

So you are probably wondering "Why?" Some men want to know what their penis would look like with foreskin, some men believe it will allow them keep their sensitivity, role play, etc. There could be hundreds of reasons but now you will have your chance.


 "The ergonomic design melds to the shape of your meat and clings to you like a second skin. MORESKIN’s super soft material and unique shape were created for extended wear and use…you can even piss outta your new hood."

You will receive two Faux Foreskins and each set comes with two sizes small/medium or medium/large.

You can choose from two tones (Light or Brown).

Stock is limited so orders yours before they are gone!!!


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